You have built your business to where it is today.  We can help you plan for what happens next.  A successful transition of your business is a critical aspect of your financial well-being. We can help you navigate the key decisions to help you achieve your goals.

Business succession may involve passing your business to the next generation or selling it to a third party. We can help you evaluate all aspects when building a succession strategy, which include:

  • Navigating the purchase and sale of a business, whether to family, management team, or third party
  • Accessing the lifetime capital gain exemption – are you eligible?
  • Understanding shareholder agreements
  • Minimizing the amount of tax you pay

Whatever your route, we offer the experience and expertise to help you reach a decision that is best for all involved.  Our team will guide you through the many moving parts to help you understand their potential impact on your overall financial well-being.